Exploring the Treasury of Wisdom

Transforming adversity into the path of awakening — A Bodhisattva Training

Open to all Rigpa Mandala students
Commencing Thursday evenings, March 2nd, 2017

His Holiness the Dalai Lama said:

“The essential message of the lojong teaching is that if we want to see a better world, we should begin by improving our own mind. In brief, lojong is a guideline for our own enlightenment, leading to enlightened conduct in our own dealings with others.”

The ‘Exploring the Treasury of Wisdom (ETW) class at the Sydney Rigpa Centre is a precious opportunity to develop a greater confidence in your innate qualities of wisdom and compassion.

Make 2017 count — make it meaningful — join us on Thursday nights at the Rigpa Sydney Centre to explore what Sogyal Rinpoche described as “A stunningly practical, immediate, precise, succinct, and self-transforming approach to getting to know one’s own mind.”

This year, again, is going to be very, very special. The characteristic emphasis on integration practices will have the particular focus on gaining confidence in the View. Dominique Side (whose teachings on Shunyata will be amongst those we will be studying) recently quoted Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, saying that: “…we are so entrenched in samsara — it being so tempting and so nice in certain respects — that the only way we will ever develop renunciation for samsara is actually through the view of emptiness. If we do not develop that View, it doesn’t matter what else we do, what practices we do, even if we lead a really simple life, somehow that actually does not cut it.”

Rinpoche has said: “Sometimes I feel we’re a little too much into worldly things. It’s a bit like having one foot in the graveyard whilst the other is on a banana skin. The teachings that we will be exploring together make the indescribable wisdom of the Absolute Bodhichitta accessible and in a very practical way and guide us in the skilful application of the life-changing Relative Bodhichitta.”

Commencing on Thursday evenings, 2nd March 2017 from 6.45-8.45pm.

This class is open to all Rigpa AEP subscribers. Each Thursday evening we will explore deeply Rinpoche’s heart-advice alongside a committed group of supportive, like-minded dharma friends.

The 2017 Exploring the Treasury of Wisdom class consists of thirty Thursday evening classes throughout the year

Cost: Rigpa Subscription only – no extra charge

In the newly emerging ‘clear path of Rigpa’, this class belongs to the lojong section of the Mahayana and Ngondro Mandala.