2017 Programme For Continuing Students

All Encompassing Path to Enlightenment (AEPE)

It is the essential programme for those who wish to follow Sogyal Rinpoche as their teacher. It contains the latest teachings from Rinpoche that he presents across worldwide retreats and is available for all Mandala students to follow. The programme is accessible and manageable for all of us, no matter how busy our lives. It comprises five key elements:

  1. The Weekly Home Study Programme
  2. The Monthly Gatherings
  3. Retreats with Rinpoche (both live retreats and delay-streamed retreats)
  4. A growing online treasury of teachings

This is a home study course for Rigpa mandala students who are Centre subscribers. As in previous years, we will only hold the Monthly Gathering at the Centre while the rest of the materials are followed from home.

Monthly Sangha Gathering

Sundays 9.30am – approximately 1pm
Optional 9am Riwo Sangchö practice
Dates are announced by email.

Exploring the Treasury of Wisdom:
Transforming adversity into the path of awakening — A Bodhisattva Training

Open to all Rigpa Mandala students
Thursday nights 2017 from 6.45-8.45pm.

Cost: Included in your Centre Subscription

This class is open to all Rigpa AEPE subscribers. Each Thursday evening we will explore deeply Rinpoche’s heart-advice alongside a committed group of supportive, like-minded dharma friends. The 2017 class consists of thirty Thursday evening classes throughout the year.

In the newly emerging ‘clear path of Rigpa’, this class belongs to the lojong section of the Mahayana and Ngondro Mandala.

Ngöndro Accumulations Night

Monday nights 2017 @ 7pm

Cost: Included in your Centre Subscription

Ngöndro Weekly Study Program

Wednesday nights 2017 @ 7pm

Cost: Included in your Centre Subscription

Vajrayana Programme

Monday nights 2017 @ 7.15pm

Cost: Included in your Centre Subscription

All courses will recommence in Feb 2018, after the usual end of year holiday break.