Meditation and Compassion in Our Daily Life:
Tibetan Buddhism in Action


Throughout the year, Meditation and Compassion in our Daily Life modules introduce:

  • The foundation of the wisdom teachings of Buddha which include impermanence and how it affects us along with the principles of interdependence and emptiness. Understanding these can be a powerful guide in finding happiness in our daily lives.
  • Methods to work with our heart and mind, starting from wherever we find ourselves now, to discover our own potential for love and compassion.
  • Authentic meditation techniques are woven throughout the modules, developing our experience of peace and clarity of mind including the rich and rewarding compassion practices of loving kindness and the four immeasurables; simple practices that help others.

Wisdom and compassion are considered as being inseparable in Buddhism and it is how we work with these in our daily lives that provides the proof of the truth of Buddha’s timeless teachings. Throughout this programme, we will explore the ancient teachings of this unbroken lineage, experiencing their wisdom directly through the application of authentic methods that help us to develop confidence, capacity and compassion in the way we are – with ourselves and with others – in our daily lives.

This programme is for everyone – new or experienced.

If you have not studied at Rigpa before, it is recommended you complete our one day meditation workshop in order to build a basic foundation for deepening your understanding and practice.


Courses will restart in February 2018 as all our classes finish in November each year.

Cost per session:

$15/per session
Concession/student/under 35’s: $10/per session
Rigpa Subscribers: no charge


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