Meditation and Compassion in Our Daily Life:
Tibetan Buddhism in Action

A weekly programme held on Tuesday nights throughout the year.
Open to those who are new as well as those who have done previous studies at Rigpa.

Our 2017 course year begins on Tuesday, 21 February at 7pm.

The topic for the first 8 week module is The Art of Compassionate Living

In a world where we often experience frustration or dissatisfaction, it is possible to consciously cultivate positive states of mind and diminish negative states of mind. In so doing, we can transform our experience and our reactions to life’s circumstances and the people around us. Through this approach, it is possible to change our lives and bring about change in the world. It means that we are not powerless in the face of our circumstances.

The Art of Compassionate Living module introduces a complete picture of what compassion is and why it might be beneficial to ourselves and the world around us.

The course will give you the tools to:

Gain awareness and knowledge about compassion from the viewpoints of modern science and of Buddhism

Deepen and actualise this knowledge and understanding through your own personal analysis and reflection

Familiarise yourself with the experience of compassion through formal meditation/compassion practices

Explore how to integrate compassion practices into everyday life.

Throughout the year, Meditation and Compassion in Our Daily Life modules introduce:

  • The foundation of the wisdom teachings of Buddha which include impermanence and how it affects us along with the principles of interdependence and emptiness. Understanding these can be a powerful guide in finding happiness in our daily lives.
  • Methods to work with our heart and mind, starting from wherever we find ourselves now, to discover our own potential for love and compassion.
  • Authentic meditation techniques are woven throughout the modules, developing our experience of peace and clarity of mind including the rich and rewarding compassion practices of loving kindness and the four immeasurables; simple practices that help others.

Wisdom and compassion are considered as being inseparable in Buddhism and it is how we work with these in our daily lives that provides the proof of the truth of Buddha’s timeless teachings. Throughout this programme, we will explore the ancient teachings of this unbroken lineage, experiencing their wisdom directly through the application of authentic methods that help us to develop confidence, capacity and compassion in the way we are – with ourselves and with others – in our daily lives.

This programme is for everyone – new or experienced.

If you have not studied at Rigpa before, it is recommended you complete our one day meditation workshop in order to build a basic foundation for deepening your understanding and practice.


Module 1 – The Art of Compassionate Living – begins Tuesday, 21 February from 7 – 9pm for 8 weeks to April 11th.

This 8 week module is followed by a 2 week Easter break

Module 2 – Heart Advice for Meditation: Mengak Study Pack – begins Tuesday, May 2nd.

Optional meditation and reflection practice beforehand from 6pm to 7pm

Cost/8 sessions:

Concession/student/under 35’s: $80
Rigpa Subscribers: no charge
There are 35 to 40 sessions in 2017 and you are welcome to join at anytime during the year.

Save up on fees by registering for 2 programmes
The One Day Workshop and The Art of Compassionate Living programme
Full: $140
Concession/students/under 35’s: $90

If you are completely new to meditation, we recommend you attend our One Day Meditation Workshop as a preliminary to this course. It’s being held on Saturday 18th February, 2017 from 9:30am – 4:30pm

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