Rigpa Sydney Programmes for 2018:

The new program for 2018 will be announced soon..

Rigpa Sydney Programmes for 2017:

All programmes are held at the Rigpa Sydney Centre, Unit 22, 450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills.

New Students

For those who are new, we look at mind, how to transform the mind, getting to know the essence of mind, and exploring a little bit on Tibetan Buddhism.

What’s available for 2017

  • Introduction to Meditation

    Peace Mindfulness and Awareness on the first Saturday of each month.
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  • One Day Meditation Workshop

    Based on the What Meditation Really Is programme.
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  • The Art of Compassionate Living

    8 week module of Meditation and Compassion in Our Daily Life
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  • Meditation and Compassion in Our Daily Lives

    Tibetan Buddhism in Action.
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Experienced Students

For students who are committed to following the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, establishing and maintaining a daily meditation practice and practices that focuses on the generation of bodhichitta, training in Lojong as well as completing the various accumulations that are part of the ngöndro, the preliminary practices of the Vajrayana.

What’s available for 2017

  • All Encompassing Path to Enlightenment

    It is the essential programme for those who wish to follow the teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche.
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  • Exploring the Treasury of Wisdom

    Transforming adversity into the path of awakening — A Bodhisattva Training.
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  • Ngöndro Study Programme

    The preliminary or ‘foundation’ practices of Vajrayana Buddhism.

  • Vajrayana Study Programme

    The teaching, and practice, of the Vajrayana or ‘Secret Mantra Vehicle’ lies at the heart of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition of Tibet.